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In Bridge to Genesis, the Gospel according to Moses is connected to you. By very simply explaining what it says, I have tried to get the message as close to you as possible. The book contains short pieces to reflect on. It is the message of salvation.

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In the Bridge to Genesis, Vol. 4, the author covers Gen. 27-37. This
portion of Genesis mainly focuses on the life of Jacob and the rich
spiritual instruction the Lord gives through his life story.  It is only
when we work through the verse-by-verse study that we begin to discover
all rich teaching God is giving us. Though Genesis is mainly historical,
it is through the history of people that God is revealing every major
doctrine of truth.  The main character in Genesis isn't any of the
earthly people.  It is God Himself and His revelation of His Son.  May
God ass His blessings to this book and use it for the spiritual
instruction and guidance of young and old.